Shoe Cleaners, Conditioners & Polishes

Shoe Polish

Shiny shoes have always been the mark of a professional look, and this is still true today. Polishing your shoes is certainly not a thing of the past, and there are multiple types of shoe polish and accessories to choose from to give your preferred pair that new shine. These range from coloured shoe polish tins to  quality shoe polish kits that come with everything you need to get started.

Shoe Polish Kits

A shoe polish kit is the best way to start if you are new to shoe polishing. The number and type of items shoe kits contain may vary, but you should generally expect to get a tin of polish, a polish applicator, a shine cloth and a shine brush. Other kits may include a pair of disposable gloves and edge dressing, which is a type of spray that protects the sole edges and the heel of the shoe while restoring the colour as well.

Types of Shoe Polish

The two main types of shoe polish are wax polish and shoe cream. Wax polish is the preferred choice if you want a product to be shinier. Shoe creams dont shine as bright as wax, but they do a good job at keeping the leather soft and pliable. Most of the shoe polish products available are black, because this is the most common colour for mens leather formal shoes, but you can also find other colours such as brown or white.

Waterproof Shoe Polish

Waterproofing compounds for shoes create a thin protective layer on the surface of the leather to provide resistance to water and salt. While they dont make a pair of shoes completely waterproof, these products short-term protection against the damage water and salt may cause to the leather. Waterproof products come in wax or spray form, and they do not penetrate the leather.