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Shoe Insoles

Shoe Insoles

No matter how attractive a pair of shoes appears externally, if they do not have a proper insole, or if the existing insole wears out, attraction wears off pretty quickly. Shoe insoles can make or break a pair of shoes and, like other clothing and shoe care items, the choices can seem overwhelming. Having the right shoe insole can help you fall in love with your favourite shoes all over again.

Leather Insoles

High heels are attractive shoe choices, but they are not always comfortable to wear, especially when there are painful issues going on with the feet as well. Leather medical insoles and shoe inserts can help alleviate pain for the wearer and make the feet more comfortable. Some women find that adding orthotic arch support inserts to flats and slippers also make these shoes feel more comfortable as well.

Gel Insoles

Another popular type of insoles are gel medical insoles and shoe inserts because they add a layer of shock absorption to the shoes. Gel insoles are heavier than many other forms of shoe inserts and are the type that many athletes choose for high-impact foot contact on hard surfaces. Gel insoles help increase energy return while also minimising foot fatigue.

Heat-Mouldable Inserts

Many shoe insoles and inserts require a breaking-in period before the user can take full advantage of the comfort the insole or insert offers. It can take time for these items to adapt to the feet, which is why people who need immediate foot comfort from their insoles enjoy using heat-mouldable shoe inserts. Users place the insoles in the oven for a short time and then stand on them while they cool. As the insoles cool, they conform to the feet to give users an exact fit.

Memory Foam Insoles

Memory foam insoles are another type that can give users immediate comfort from foot pain caused by wearing shoes with poor insoles. Memory foam insoles add a soft and cushiony layer to shoes and take the shape of the foot with continued use. This type of insert is ideal for many people who just need a little extra padding in shoes for increased comfort.