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Add a bit of height with new shoe lifts from eBay

Do you often turn up to parties or work meetings and feel as though you’re the smallest person in the room? Are you lacking in height, but want to stand out more? Or perhaps you suffer from back or knee pain? If you already love your shoes, eBay has a huge range of shoe lifts that could be the answer to your trouble.

What are shoe lifts?

Shoe lifts are inserts that you put inside your shoe to give you extra height. They can also help ease arch and heel pain and are designed to absorb any shock of your feet hitting the ground. They’re used orthopedically, and cosmetically.

Shoe lifts are designed to give you, and your confidence, a bit of a boost by increasing your height and reducing pain. While you can insert them in your favourite pair of heels, they are also ideal for your work boots or joggers.

Medical benefits of shoe lifts

Shoe lifts are commonly used as therapy for leg-length differences, so if you have one leg that’s a little shorter than the other, a shoe lift in one of your shoes will even them out.

Suitable for men and women, shoe lifts could be the confidence booster you need when your height or leg length doesn’t do the trick.

Whether you’re purchasing them to add a little height to your stature, or you’re using them as therapy because one leg is longer than the other – they can help with knee, hip and back pain, and they’re designed to reduce stress on your Achilles tendon. They’re often used for rehabilitation purposes.

Shoe lifts are easy to shop for on eBay. Check out the huge range of shoe sizes and height preferences available today and find a pair that works for you.