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Shop Counters

If you have a retail space, such as a jewellery or consignment shop, having the proper setup is imperative. If you're the sole owner and proprietor, most likely you're going to be spending long hours at your store helping customers and clients, so you want your shop to be aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable. Having the right shop counter can make a big difference, whether you just need storage space or you're using it as a display.

Display Counters

Shop displays are an incredibly important part of a retail shop, as you want customers to be able to view merchandise. However, you may not want smaller or more expensive merchandise simply out on the sales racks, so the next step is to get a display counter. There are many different types of display counters. Some may be completely glass, so there's only room for merchandise. Others may be a mix of counter and glass. It depends on what type of merchandise you're selling, and how large it is.

Stand Counters

If there's no merchandise that must be kept behind glass, perhaps you just want a retail counter on which to put a cash register or POS system, and to stock related items. In this case, opt for a stand counter that has no type of display. These can be L-shaped or U-shaped, depending on the size of your staff and how much room you need.

Features to Consider

Some glass display counters may not need a clerk standing behind them, and may be freestanding. In this case, you may want to opt for a display that rotates, or one that sits up on a pedestal (such as for fine jewellery). For the ultimate in security, you may also want to select a display with a locking mechanism so only clerks can use keys to open the display.

Shelving and Parts

Not all displays come complete with shelving and parts, and this may be somewhat of a DIY project. Luckily, there are many types of shop display shelves and parts available so you are able to customise your display. Look for different types of shelving, as well as screws, bolts, pegboard hooks and inserts.