Shop Display Shelves

Shop Display Shelves

When youre setting up shop, having the correct shop displays and the right shelving is a must. Not only does this keep your merchandise organised so that customers can see items more easily, correct product placement can also boost sales. There are several different types of shelving setups you can use when it comes to setting up shop, along with accessories to help you place items right at the correct eye level.

Counter Displays

Counter displays are usually large glass counters or shelving units behind which an employee or the owner stands. These are display shelves where youd usually keep your finest items. Those who want to see the items would have to ask you to open the shelving with a key. There are different types of counter displays, and most come with the shelving included. However, if you need to add more shelving, look for metal shelves you can install on the inside.

Slatwall Options

Slatwalls allow you to hang pegs, hooks and other types of shelves from shop walls in order to display merchandise. They are called slatwalls because of the slats in each wall. For this type of shelving, you also need to invest in some shop fittings such as hooks and pegs, or attachments on which you can hang merchandise. These types of walls and shelves work well for hanging items, such as purses, belts and other types of accessories.

Peg Boards

Peg board shelves fit well over walls, and just as their name suggests, they offer peg holes in which you can hang shelving units or hooks. These are very similar to slatwalls, and are meant for the same type of merchandise, such a clothing, accessories, jewellery and other types of hanging items. They also work well for merchandise that includes a hanging hook embedded in the item, such as toys wrapped in cardboard.

Shop Fittings

Its a good idea to stock your supply closet with a vast amount of shop fittings, so youre always able to hang extra product when you need to. Different types of shop fittings include pegs and hooks, point of sale strips to display prices, wall strips in which to hang pegs and hooks and acrylic shelving to help maximise the space in your display cases.