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Shop Fittings

If you have a retail shop or a storefront, there are many tiny details that go into streamlining your store so product is simple for customers and clients to see. Whether it's a convenience store, grocery or clothing store, it's a given that you need shop displays, counters and racks to help promote and display your products. As you begin to build shelving and racks, there are a few different types of shop fittings that help you place items more easily, so that they are seen by all.

Data Strips

Data strips are like a plastic band that clip on to the front of your shop display shelves. In essence, as the name suggests, they provide data. A data strip is where you'll prominently display the barcode, price, unit per price, sale price and any other piece of relevant information consumers need before they decide to purchase. Data strips can come in several different colours, and often have a clear adhesive or other band on top, so you can keep the information neatly inside.

Slot Strips

Slot strips go vertically down the side of your display shelving. Depending on the type of shelving you have, you add these strips to the front to be able to hang more product. These strips have individual holes in them, in which you can attach hooks or the merchandise itself, to hang it vertically down the sides.

Acrylic Displays

If you're in the process of building displays, you want to feature as much product as possible without making a window, endcap or aisle look crowded. Display risers and shelving are often made of clear acrylic, and allow to you build several shelves on top of stands or other shelves, to prominently feature a product. These types of displays work well for items such as shoes, sunglasses and other small items that you want to bring to the forefront.

Hooks and Other Fittings

If any of your shelving walls have a pegboard construction, then you can easily add hooks to feature your merchandise. You can also install arms in pegboards or similar boards, and each arm has five to six balls'. These balls allow you to separate product so the display doesn't get cramped. These are worthwhile fittings to separate clothing, or to separate clothing sizes so customers can shop more easily.