Shop Gift Boxes

Shop Gift Boxes

Presentation is key when running a jewellery or gift shop. People often go to jewellery stores to buy gifts, so not only do gift boxes make good packaging, they also make it convenient for the customer as all the packing is ready right from the get go.

Sweet Boxes

The countless varieties of sweet box design make them ideal gift boxes even if you don’t intend to give any confections at all. Cute, whimsical, and flexibly designed, sweet gift boxes make good containers for jewellery products, engagement party giveaways, and other things you may have for sale at your gift shop. You can also use cupcake boxes that have small windows at the top so the recipient has a clue as to its contents without opening them; these are particularly great for party giveaways.

Jewellery Boxes

If you own a costume jewellery boutique or online store, it is a good investment to order bulk gift boxes to package the jewellery you sell. They are perfect shipping boxes for necklaces, earrings, and pendants because they are compact. Options for these kind of boxes include elongated boxes for necklaces, square boxes for rings and earrings, as well as shallow rectangular boxes for jewellery sets. Shop different colour gift boxes so they match the colour theme of your jewellery shop display.

Organza Bag

Organza bags are light, inexpensive bags that can hold a moderate amount of jewellery. They may be made of black felt or translucent colours. These are great for giving gifts like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other such trinkets at parties. Some bags use textured designs to add flair to your products but are often a little pricier than normal mesh or velvet bags. They all have drawstrings that you pull tightly and tie for extra security.

Wine Boxes

Bottles of wine are doubtless some of the greatest gifts to give away. They are festive and generally appreciated when the appropriate adult recipient gets them. These are great giveaways for hostess parties, but make sure you choose sturdy wine bags or boxes for the bottles you sell. The boxes are typically big enough to house the bottle, and on the bottom portion is a cardboard seat made just for the bottle so it sits snuggly while in storage or transit.