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For any clothing of lifestyle retailer, mannequins are an important shop display item. Shops can use them to display their offerings or show how an clothing or accessories look on a human wearer. Tailors, artists, designers and dressmakers also use mannequins to show off their works. For simulations, hospitals, military and airways may also need them. Dress mannequins are the most common mannequins in the global retail market, where most people see them every day.

History of Mannequins

Mannequins first appeared in the 15th century to display fashion items for customers. The general make of mannequins can involve materials like papier-mâché, plastic, fibreglass, wax and plaster of paris, and one can customise the material as per a client’s needs. You can buy mannequins in numerous sizes and genders, in a number of poses.

Shopping for Mannequins

To get better rates for the mannequins, make certain to buy them in bulk. It doesn’t matter if shop displays need a female, male or child’s mannequin ; buy in bulk from brick and mortar or online retailers to get the best deals. Visit the business if you can to browse their inventory, so that you are aware of the quality and condition of the mannequins they offer.

Taking Care of Mannequins

Mannequins are very important for retailers and shop displays, so it is important that shop owners and their staff take care of them. If you maintain your mannequins, their life can be extended to 3 to 5 years, but without proper care, they can decay and spoil within a year. It is important that while handling your mannequins you make certain you have removed all jewellery so they dont get any scratches or smudges. It is also important to have clean hands when moving or working with them. Water and toothpaste in combination with a cleaning cloth can clean the mannequins on at least a weekly basis.

Storing the Mannequins

While storing your mannequins, liberal amounts of bubble wrap and paper is best. You can also use cloth and tissues with the bubble wrap while storing the mannequins. Wrap the face the most liberally, because if you manage to mark it, that will be the hardest to hide.