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Shopkins are small collectable figurines based on grocery store items. The figures are approximately 2.5 cm tall and are bought in blind bags and boxes, with no way to know which figurine you are getting when purchasing. This creates a collectable and trading market for them.

Types of Shopkin

Shopkins come in several different rarities and categories. The rarities are common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, limited edition and exclusive. The categories are usually based on the type of item they are modelled after, such as bakery, candy or fruit. Shopkin releases are divided into _x001A_seasons', starting with Season One in 2014. Each Season contains anywhere from 50 to 80 Shopkins, not including special editions, limited releases and exclusives. Different Shopkins also come in different designs. Some are made to be pencil toppers, some are keychain hangers, some are glow-in-the-dark or transparent and some are made to be fitted on specially-made cords and hung as decorative strings. While most of the figures are simple cartoon food items in a cute style, there are also modern doll-like versions with their own accessories such as brushes and playsets. Unique variants of other Shopkins also exist and are much rarer and more valuable.

Shopkin Prices

Individual blind boxes are inexpensive, usually costing $1 to $3, although special editions and multipacks may cost up to $20 or more. Bulk buying can reduce the individual unit price, with boxes of 30 selling for around $80. Collections of particular Shopkins can sell for more, with complete sets of various releases or _x001A_seasons' selling for over $400.

Other Shopkins Products

There is a wide range of additional Shopkins products and merchandise. Some Shopkins come with recipe cards featuring the particular item that Shopkin is based on. There are also Shopkins magazines, pencil cases, plushies, books and trading cards. There is a Shopkins movie and webseries, and even a range of clothing featuring them. Storage and display merchandise can also be purchased, some of which are themed to specific types of Shopkin, like the fridge or vending machine storage containers.