Stop carrying heavy bags every time you pick up groceries. It's time to buy a personal shopping cart and make shopping a breeze. You'll always be on a roll with one of the many different types of shopping trolleys and baskets available on eBay. For superior convenience, consider lightweight carts wheels and handles that fold up and pack away easily. Below we've listed a few popular varieties.

Polyester / nylon shopping luggage on wheels

These folding shopping trolleys are constructed with durable steel and lightweight water-resistant fabric, holding up to 25kg of food, clothes, appliances, tents, chairs, sleeping bags, personal items and anything else you could possibly need to take home or to a festival. The full bag capacity is 35 litres, while the size is 96cm x 37cm x 33cm when in use. You can also find models with smaller bag sections for a more compact and portable solution. Rubber wheel sizes vary, but typically they will be around 16.5cm in diameter. These carts come in a huge range of fun colours and patterns to suit your tastes.

Pack and roll grocery trolley

If you prefer a cube-shaped trolley with the features of a shopping crate, this is the item for you. Built with durable, rust-proof plastic and an extendable aluminium handle, it's a truly convenient shopping cart option. When open it is sized 38cm x 33cm x 36cm, and when not being used it folds right down to 38cm x 36cm x 8cm.

2-tier double basket swivel shopping cart

For a touch of vintage shopping trolley charm, try out a 2-tier, double basket, swivel wheel, collapsible shopping trolley constructed with a metal frame. This stylish trolley is 70cm long x 54cm wide x 95cm high. It has 2 x 18cm diameter solid rubber wheels at the back and 2 x 10cm diameter swivel rubber wheels at the front.

Of course it's not always about how much you can carry. Accessorise with fashionable and functional women's tote and shopper bags from eBay as well.