Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are essential for any well-stocked bar. Their small size makes them great for serving neat spirits.

Shot Glass Size

Not all shot glasses are created equal. While they tend to be designed to hold a single measure, the size of a measure varies around the world, so shot glasses can vary in size depending on the country that they came from. In Australia, a measure is 30 millilitres. If you want a bigger glass, double shot glasses are also widely available.

Shot Glass Materials

The obvious material to make glasses out of is, well, glass, but its far from the only one. Plastic shot glasses might not have the satisfying weight of glass, but if you drop them, they bounce. They are also often available in bulk, which is very convenient for parties and events. If you prefer something more luxurious, finely cut crystal shot glasses give your party an extra touch of class. Stainless steel shot glasses are just as easy to clean as glass, and ceramic shot glasses are a great option if you want more colour than clear glass can offer.

Shot Glass Designs

Shot glasses dont have to be made from clear, plain glass. They are actually available in an almost limitless range of colours and designs. Many companies and organisations have picked up on the branding possibilities of shot glasses and they are a popular tourist souvenir too. It is also easy to have glass engraved, so personalised shot glasses are a great way to let people know who your drink belongs to.

Other Spirit Glasses

A well-stocked home bar needs, at the very least, the proper glass for your favourite drink. A wide-bodied tumbler or rocks glass is the perfect choice for whisky, while brandy or cognac is usually served in a snifter or a tulip glass. Cocktails get more complicated. While you can repurpose your whisky tumblers for some of them, highballs and of course the martini glass are also cocktail staples.