Shower/Bath Chair Seats

Bathe easy with shower and bath chair seats

When you're caring for someone who needs bathroom assistance, a bath and shower chair seat makes a big difference to any bath time routine. Whether the patient is elderly, has a bariatric condition or a disability, take care of the practicalities and move around the bathroom safely with shower and bath seats, waterproof stools, and the like. Find all sorts of innovative bath tub and shower aids on eBay.

Lightweight aluminium shower chair

If you need a bathroom aid that's sturdy yet lightweight, an aluminium shower chair ticks these boxes and more. The shower seat has drainage holes so water and soap can permeate easily. Its padded armrests are usually made from memory foam to prevent bruising and provide extra support. The aluminium frame can hold up to 158kg, which makes it the ideal choice for those with bariatric conditions. A backrest provides extra support and stability while in use.

Bath transfer bench

When your loved one needs assistance with bathing, a bath transfer bench could take some of the stress away at bath time. A Homecraft bath transfer bench has an adjustable aluminium frame, non-slip plastic seat and a removable backrest which makes it easy to switch between the left or right side of the bathtub transferring. Optional suction legs add stability and reduce the risk of undue swivel. Find exactly the right model for your requirements and budget when you browse on eBay.

Soft bath seat and stool

Dual usage is a handy feature when it comes to bathroom mobility aids. A shower chair and stool from Mack 'n Me Mobility Solutions is a compact and versatile device to have around the house. The wide seat is made of soft plastic that's very easy to clean. It has a cutaway area which is ideal for toilet use or personal cleaning. Handy arms allow the user to get up or down safely, whether you have the device in bath seat or shower stool mode.