Shower & Bath Seats

Everyone deserves to feel safe, stable and comfortable in the shower or bath. If you or a person you care for needs a little extra support and confidence, its time to invest in a shower chair or shower stool. These wonderful mobility aids are designed to assist people when lowering down, sitting, getting up and moving while taking a shower. Some items can also be folded into position for use in a bathtub.

Types of shower chairs

The most common type of shower or bath chair is made from durable, corrosion resistant aluminium with a high-density polyethylene seat. It includes both backrest and armrest support, and can generally handle a load of between 158kg and 180kg depending on the model. Importantly, these medical and lifestyle aids are height adjustable, so the person in need can find that perfect level for their own comfort and security. Typically there are 5 or 8 seat height levels available, one inch apart between an approximate range of 16 inches to 21 inches. The back height would therefore be 28" to 33" depending on the seat adjustment. Some quality models also offer two levels of back adjustment. You can also find smaller shower stools with a load capacity of just 100kg.

Important dimensions

The overall dimensions of a typical shower chair, with the back installed, would be 20" length x 17" width x 33" height. However, each aluminium bath seat for sale could potentially vary in specific size and shape, so its always worth measuring your shower or bath space and comparing with the item dimensions listed by the seller. You may also want to note the seat size and the internal width of the armrests.

Other features

All good foldable shower and bath seats should have non-slip suction-cup tips on each of the four legs for maximum safety. Other features to consider include 12 drainage holes on the seat, a carry handle, and quick-release functionality for the backrest and armrests.

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