Shower Caps

It’s a common rule of thumb set forth by many stylists and beauticians that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day––in fact, some recommend only washing hair two to three times per week. No matter what your hair care schedule is, there are certain times you simply don’t want to get your hair wet. Maybe you’re holding a great flat-iron hairdo from the day before, or you don’t want to lose your curls. Finding the right type of shower cap is a great way to keep hair dry and away from water while you bathe.

Plastic Caps

The most common types of shower caps are standard plastic shower caps. These types have an elastic band that fits neatly over the hairline, and protect your hair from most contact with water. These plastic types may come in a package of three to six, and are highly disposable. Typically, they’re meant for a few uses, and after that, they may lose their shape. For those that occasionally use a shower cap, simple plastic types work well.

Machine Washable Options

If you routinely use a shower cap and you’d like one a little more personable than a disposable plastic shower cap, then machine washable shower caps are a great idea. These types also feature elastic at the rim, but are made of a different material that’s washer-friendly, such as cotton. You may also find machine washable caps made out of microfibre. With these types, you can look for colours and styles that suit the rest of your bath accessories.

Oversized Caps

If you want to make absolutely sure that your hair (or sideburns) come in no contact with water, then an oversized cap is a great idea. These caps go beyond the hairline, and cover to about the middle of the forehead. Just like with other caps, these can be made of various materials, such as plastic, cotton, microfibre or satin/sateen.

Other Types

There are other types of shower caps to consider as well. A completely waterproof cap is airtight, and will not let any water in at all. While these are mainly used for swimming and competitive swimming, they work well as shower caps as well. It’s also a good idea (especially if you’re shopping plastic shower caps) to find caps that are BPA-free. This is especially important if you have young children or pets in the home.