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Nothing matches the relaxing feeling you get after taking a clean and calm shower especially after a long busy day. Choosing a shower head is comparable to choosing a mattress; it can provide a good or bad experience. Therefore, choosing the right shower head ensures you enjoy the short time you spend in the shower. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a shower head to add to your home plumbing fixtures.


There are three different types of shower heads namely; fixed shower heads, handheld shower heads and dual shower heads. Fixed or wall-mount shower heads are the most common and are permanently mounted on bathroom walls. Once mounted, the height cannot be adjusted, so it is important to have them fixed at the right height during installation. Handheld shower heads have a flexible hose that connects to the wall that makes them movable. Their high flexibility makes them ideal for bathing children and pets. Simply put, dual shower heads are shower heads with a second detachable hand shower. They combine the features of a fixed shower with those of a hand held shower head. If you need to adjust the height of your shower head, consider getting a shower head that comes with a slide bar.

Water Patterns

How water trickles from your shower head can affect how it feels on the skin. Rain patterns, spray patterns and targeted patterns are the main options. Rain shower heads have large heads that allow wide coverage and give a sensation similar to that of drenching rain. These showers function well in areas with plenty of water pressure. Spray shower heads trickle water in pulse, jet, mist or aerated patterns to give a relaxing or massage-like feeling. Targeted patterns deliver water in sharp pulses and are ideal for soothing sore muscles. The best pattern depends on the intended use as well as the amount of water pressure in your area.

Material and Finishing

Currently, there are plastic, metallic, chrome and solid brass shower heads available in the market. Generally, metallic shower heads are more appealing and durable than those made out of plastic but are more expensive. The most popular finishes include polished or brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or antique styles. Bathroom design as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend determines the material and finishing of the shower head you take home.