Shower Mixer

Shower Mixers

A shower mixer can be a godsend, especially during the colder months of the year. These devices are connected to a thermostatic mixing valve system that blends hot and cold water so that you get constant and safe bathwater temperatures. Without this system, heated water can become intolerably hot and subject you to scalding temperatures, thereby resulting in injuries and burned skin. If youre building your own bath and need a shower mixer, consider the many designs so you get the perfect fit for your new bathroom setup.

Thermostatic Mixers

The heart of the shower is the thermostatic shower mixer. A good example is one designed for solar heated water system. It has temperature indicators on the dial so you can accurately set the water temperature without risking scalding. Other designs have square shower heads that not only look great in bathrooms with modern designs, but they also project wide sprays to cover more surface area at a time. A three-valve handle design is good for tub-and-shower setups. The middle valve is meant to control the shower tap outlet.

Matt Shower Mixers

A modern bathroom deserves a modern shower mixer. If youre going for the clean, monochrome motif, get a matt shower mixer to pair with a matt shower. Black is a common colour choice. Available designs include a cylindrical mixer knob connected to a long lever for good leverage and control. Another design features a powder coated finish and a minimalist profile with a large flat handle that is easy to manipulate.

Two-in-One Shower Mixers

The combination shower mixer is an efficient design that prioritises practicality. The shower head is a detachable component that doubles as a handset so you can hit every nook and cranny of your body with well-tuned warm water. There are stainless steel and plastic variants as well. Some innovative options use a two-part design wherein the handset detaches from the main shower component that looks like a horseshoe. You can use just the shower head, have both the handset and the shower head holstered, or use the detached handset and the showerhead together.