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Shun Knives are works of art

The Kai company has been creating cutlery since 1908 using legendary Samurai traditions. They use innovative techniques to honour Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands. The company's name means the peak of perfection, and Shun Cutlery makes it a priority to live up to this tradition. Each knife is hand-crafted in Seki City, Japan. These beautiful kitchen knives will inspire your cooking to new heights while giving a quality cut every time.

Quality knives

The Shun knife series offers tremendous high-quality designs to retain sharpness and comfort. The knives are ideal for professional use, and ideal for use at home. The blades are beautiful to look at thanks to their semi-mat pattern and elegant, slim tapered handles. They are bringing the precision and beauty of ancient Japanese art to your kitchen today with Shun Kai.

Each Shun knife blade is made from high carbon stainless steel, surrounded by 32 thin layers of polished steel. This gives Shun knives their dimpled finish as well as their incredibly sharp edge. The handles are designed with a secure grip for cutting and for comfort, so your hand doesn't strain after hours of use. It's the ultimate kitchen helper!

Highest craftsmanship

Made from natural resources, Shun kitchen knives are shaped and formed according to the ancient blacksmith art of the samurai. This Japanese craftsmanship is carried out with the highest degree of precision from early design stages to the completion of each knife. By investing in a quality knife such as these, you're making sure that your kitchen is well equipped for years to come.

Shun Classic Chef Knife

A great kitchen multi-tasker, the Shun Classic Chef Knife is a go-to in the kitchen. Designed as an all-purpose knife with a view to being used in a busy kitchen with a variety of cutting tasks. The six-inch blade, which is considered a small chef knife, preferable to a lot of chefs, is used for dicing, chopping, slicing, cutting up vegetables and many other things. It is nimble, with a wide blade which is ideal for sliding food from the chopping board to the pot. The knife has a curved belly which means it can be rocked through herbs or spices or used to make finely minced meat.

Shun Classic Vegetable Knife

When more precise cuts are needed during food preparation, the Shun Classic Vegetable Knife is a handy tool. Ideal for trimming broccoli, green beans, slicing corn, its blade is shaped into a 3 ½ inch edge. This makes it easy to hold your vegetables in one hand, while you slice them into the pan. The flat edge also works well in chopping or mincing on a chopping board.

Stay sharp

You can maintain this high level of quality with Shun cutlery sharpeners. The Shun Combination Whetstone, for example, offers 300-grit sharpening that easily clears grit and reveals the sharpness of your knife with the 1000-grit opposing side smoothing out the edge.

The Shun knife series offers tremendous high-quality, designed to retain sharpness. Shop the full range on eBay today to find a knife to suit your personal or professional requirements.