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Sidchrome Hand Tools

Famous for their quality tools and automotive background, Sidchrome arsenal of tools represents exemplary craftsmanship, which in turn allows you to work on your jobs with ease and accuracy. Sidchrome manufacturers several different types of the most common tools in wide use. Trusted mechanics have used Sidchrome for years and appreciate the performance these tools have as well as how long they hold up after continued use. Along with the company's guaranteed warranty, these tools are a no brainer to have in your garage.

What Types of Types of Sidchrome Hand Tools Are There?

  • Screwdrivers. Sidchrome makes a variety of screwdriver sets including Pro Twist, Thru Tang, Ergonomic, Ratcheting and Torx. All of which have specific features to help you fasten.
  • Wrenches. Sidchrome makes several different spanners and wrenches that come in sets or sold individually. These include ring, flat ring, flare nut, flex-head geared, open end and face spanners. The wrenches they make include adjustable, structural, spud, crowfoot, chain, and pipe.
  • Sockets. Available as various sets, Sidchrome makes a variety of sockets in differing sizes.
  • Pliers. Sidchrome offers every type of plier imaginable including locking, long nose, circlip, retaining ring, end nipper, long needle nose, and twister.
  • Hammers. The hammers that Sidchrome makes are solid and last for years.
  • Chisels. There are both cold chisels and punch chisels as well as sets for both of these types available.
  • Measuring equipment. Sidchrome makes several types of measuring pieces including callipers, micrometers, and measuring tape.

What Are Other Tools and Accessories Come from Sidchrome?

  • Tool boxes. Sidchrome tool boxes are some of the best quality and most durable storage containers. They come in varying sizes with different storage options that help contain the rest of their tools and accessories. Sidchrome's tool chests are large, portable chests ideal for holding several tools.
  • Air tools. Sidchrome makes several different types of air tools including drills, hammers, ratchets and impact guns.
  • Cordless tools. They also make a cordless variety including drills, ratchets and orbital sanders.
  • Impact sockets. Sidchrome also offers a variety of impact sockets individually, as well as in sets.
  • Electrical and diagnostic tools. Their electrical and diagnostic tools include multimeters, thermometers, stethoscopes, timing lights, tachometers, and circuit testers.
  • Automotive tools. Sidchrome also makes several tools and accessories useful for the automotive industry dealing with oil change, brakes, wheels, drivetrain, battery service, and the cooling system.