Sideboards are useful additions to any room, adding storage and display surfaces without dominating the room or taking up too much additional space. Primarily meant for living and dining rooms to complement dining tables, sideboards are commonly used to store dinnerware and glassware, although they are not limited to this purpose. Other purposes include alcohol storage for bars, displaying collectible items, storing miscellaneous items and to accentuate existing decor. Sideboards are versatile furniture pieces and can double as buffets, cupboards, highboards or lowboards. They’re perfect for all kinds of storage in all kinds of rooms.

Sideboard Types

Sideboards are most commonly low cabinets with large front doors, several shelves in the interior space and a solid surface that can be used for display or work. Others are much taller and may have glass display cases inbuilt, often with a smaller area at the bottom that includes solid doors and additional storage. Some have no sides and feature a low, bookshelf-like design to maximise storage and access, and to minimise material. Multiple storage spaces are common within sideboards, from drawers to cupboards to open shelving.

Sideboard Materials

Sideboards are generally wooden, with some made of common chipboard and others out of high-quality solid wood. Some designs include glass windows, while others may have metal railings or supports. Handles or knobs vary in material and design for drawers and cupboards, some sideboards taking on a minimalistic approach and not including them at all.

Sideboard Designs

Sideboards are sturdy constructions with a focus on functionality, but they also come in a range of designs to match any decor and give character to your living space. Some sideboards are minimalist with plain white or lightly stained wood as the main material and simple straight lines with few or subtle carvings or other embellishments. Others follow a recycled aesthetic and feature rustic wood, often including remnants of previous paintwork or repurposed wood, resulting in a design with a large amount of character. Many rustic designs have solid metal additions. Other styles might involve carvings or intricate woodwork. Particularly impressive designs may incorporate carvings or woodwork in addition to mirrors or stained glass displays.