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Sigma Digital Cameras

As a company, Sigma is best known for its photographic lenses designed for cameras from other manufacturers. However, Sigma also produces a few of its own camera designs, including compacts, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.


Point-and-shoot digital cameras by Sigma are a little unusual. While they come with fixed lenses and lack viewfinders, they are designed to produce performance closer to DSLRs than to regular compact digital cameras. The DP0, DP1, DP2 and DP3 cameras all feature APS-C sized Foveon sensors, the same sensor size found on many compact DSLRs and far larger than a typical compact camera sensor. They are also all capable of shooting in RAW format, making more extensive post-processing possible and the DP1 and DP2 feature PSAM modes for enhanced control over exposure. The primary difference between the models is the lens. The DP0 has a 14mm f/4 lens, the DP1 has a 19mm f/2.8, the DP2 has a 30mm f/2.8 and the DP3 has a 50mm f/2.8.


Sigma’s lineup of digital cameras would not be complete without a DSLR. The SD-1 Merril features the same APS-C sized Foveon X3 sensor found in the DP Quattro series of Sigma cameras and boasts an impressive 46 megapixels thanks to Foveon’s three-layer sensor technology. It features a Sigma SA lens mount, making it compatible with the company’s extensive range of lenses. The SD-1 also delivers on build quality, with an ergonomic and splash proof magnesium-alloy body and accessible controls. It features a Guide Number 11 pop-up flash as well as a hot shoe for mounting other accessories.


Sigma’s range of mirrorless cameras consists of the SD Quattro and SD Quattro H. The SD Quattro resembles the Sigma compact cameras in terms of both form and function, although it adds a 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder and a Sigma SA lens mount. It comes with the APS-C Foveon sensor found on most Sigma cameras and is rated at 29 megapixels. The SD Quattro H is unusual in that it features the largest sensor of any camera in Sigma’s lineup. It contains a rarely-seen APS-H sized sensor, giving it a crop factor of 1.3x compared to a full frame sensor. The increased size also allows an impressive 51 megapixel equivalent thanks to the three-layer Foveon sensor technology.