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Sigma Lens for Sony

Sigma Lens for Sony

Sigma is one of the world’s most popular third-party camera lens manufacturers. It produces a wide range of lenses for Sony cameras.

Sigma Zoom Lenses For Sony

Most Sigma camera lenses, for Sony and for other camera manufacturers, are zoom lenses. Zoom lenses are versatile, offering a range of focal lengths in a single package. This allows photographers to compose shots more easily and to carry fewer lenses around. In some cases, this range can be extreme, as with the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM | C, which covers everything from wide-angle to long-distance shooting. With other zoom lenses, it may simply make the difference between wide and ultra-wide angle photography. Sigma zoom lenses for Sony come in wide-angle, standard and telephoto lengths, as well as all-purpose zooms.

Sigma Prime Lenses For Sony

While prime lenses are less versatile in terms of focal length than zooms, they offer a few distinct advantages. First, prime lenses typically offer much wider maximum apertures than zoom lenses, increasing low-light performance and allowing a smaller depth of field. While Sigma makes some very fast zoom lenses like the 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | A, most of their zooms start at around f/3.5. Many of Sigma’s prime lenses get as wide as f/1.4. Second, prime lenses tend to offer higher image quality. Their smaller number of elements reduces light dispersion, and every element in the chain can be engineered for maximum performance at one specific focal length. Sigma prime lenses for Sony cameras range in focal length from 19mm to a massive 500mm and cover a full range of sizes between the two extremes. Sigma’s more specialised lenses, like macro lenses, also tend to be primes.

Sigma Lens Accessories

As well as lenses, Sigma also sells a range of accessories for their A-mount and E-mount lenses. These include lens hoods and lens caps as well as more optically active accessories such as their APO Teleconverter 2.0x Ex DG. They also produce the Mount Converter MC-11, which allows users to adapt non-native lenses to Sony E-mount cameras, providing access to members of the Sigma lens lineup that are not compatible with Sony cameras straight out of the box.