Silicone Baby Born Dolls

A silicone baby is classic gift for little boys and girls that can keep them happy for hours and hours. The silicon baby, like BABY Born dolls and other favourites, have lifelike features that make playtime more enjoyable and can help little ones learn about parts of the human body.

eBay has a great collection of silicone babies from which to choose so the little learner in your life can play with a lifelike doll whenever he or she chooses.

A popular choice for girls

Dolls have popular with children for decades, though girls have shown a heightened level of connection with these toys over the years. The science as to why girls prefer dolls when compared to other toys is still a bit of a mystery. It may be the natural nurturing nature of girls that attracts them to lifelike dolls and gives them the enjoyment of looking after a companion.

More features of silicone dolls

Central to the silicone baby is its lifelike feel. To appreciate the complete value of this doll, it is worth exploring some of its fantastic features. The eyes of the silicone baby are open and blue, with open nostrils that give off the impression that the doll is breathing.

The skin of the silicone baby looks realistic and is resistant to fading. Silicone babies have lifelike hair that can be combed and washed and a head size similar to that of a real baby. Made from high quality silicone vinyl, the body is filled with cotton material. This helps add to the lifelike feel of these amazing toys.

Silicone dolls are an oldie but a goodie when it comes to picking out toys for children, especially little girls. Find a great collection of these lifelike dolls on eBay today and get your kid a toy that he or she can enjoy for years to come.