Silicone Cooking Utensils

When you're in the market for new kitchen utensils and gadgets, it makes sense to look for products that will last and make cooking easier. Wood, metal, and nylon utensils all get the job done, but silicone cooking utensils make sense for many applications. Good-quality silicone is also rated for high temperatures, which means you do not run much risk of accidentally burning or melting your utensils.


When scraping cake batter out of a bowl or putting icing on the finished cake, silicone cooking spatulas are very helpful. The silicone allows the spatula a certain amount of give that makes it easy to scrape a bowl without running a spoon around it over and over. Much like traditional spatulas, silicone spatulas come in different shapes and sizes. You may want to purchase more than one for your needs.

Basting Brushes

Have you ever used a basting or pastry brush with natural bristles? They work quite well, but deteriorate with age and can leave bristles behind on your food. Silicone basting brushes last much longer and, since they are rated for high temperatures, are just as appropriate for basting a roast in the oven as for applying butter to a pastry dish. Silicone basting brushes even come with different-sized bristles, so you can be sure to always have just the right brush.

Splatter Screens

Splatter screens are an excellent way to stay safe whilst cooking. They are meant to allow steam to escape whilst stopping grease droplets from flying out of the pan. A silicone splatter screen will also be dishwasher safe, making cleanup even easier. When looking for silicone splatter screens, make sure to check that they are heat rated, as some are actually designed to cover mixing bowls.


Silicone whisks are useful for hand-mixing batters, beating eggs, and frothing milk. Unlike metal whisks, they will not rust if left to soak in water and they will not scratch the side of your glass mixing bowls. Some whisks fold down from a balloon shape to a flat one, giving you two uses in one. Keep in mind that silicone whisks are usually nylon cores, so the heat resistance you associate with silicone will not be as high.