Silicone Reborn Dolls

Silicone Reborn Dolls

Reborn dolls are lifelike baby dolls often made from vinyl or silicone. They are dressed and painted by artists to resemble human babies as much as possible. The process of creating a reborn baby is called reborning and many artists, called "reborners", now sell their creations online.

Reborn Doll History

The history of reborn dolls started back in the 1930s when doll making hobbyists strived to create increasingly realistic dolls. From there, an industry for making reborn babies came about. There is even an International Reborn Doll Artists group that educates artists on the art of reborning babies.  Besides teaching the ways of reborning, the group also implements certain ethical guidelines for reborn artists to follow. In 2002, the first reborn baby doll was put on sale online. This lead to the expansion and advancement of the reborn baby doll industry into what we know today.

Reborn Doll Design

Traditional reborn babies are based on vinyl dolls, but silicone babies are now an option. Silicone dolls are much softer than vinyl dolls, which further lends to the realism of the baby doll as it will be soft and squishy like a real baby. The body of the doll is stuffed with cotton, therefore a reborn baby cannot be placed in water. The hairs on the doll are can be either real or synthetic. Real hair options include horse or human hair. The details on the baby doll, such as the eyes, skin and nails are carefully hand painted by artists to resemble a real babys details.

Reborning Process

Reborn babies start as kits made by sculptors. The kits include the baby dolls limbs, head and body pieces. An artist assembles the baby doll and paints the details on using special techniques and supplies that make it look extremely lifelike. After painting the doll, the artist will apply the hairs onto the doll. This includes eyelashes and eyebrows.  The artist then fits the doll into clothes tailor-made for the reborn doll. Once complete, the reborn doll is put on sale.