Men’s Silk Underwear: What You Wear Inside Matters

Besides looking and feeling luxurious, men’s silk underwear offers much-needed comfort and softness too. Find a range of men’s silk underwear in different sizes, colours, and types on eBay.

What are the benefits of men’s silk underwear?

Though silk underwear is known for its luxurious feel, the level of comfort it offers goes way beyond that.

  • Silk’s softness comes in particularly useful when it’s against delicate areas of your skin.
  • Since silk is 100% organic, there should be no skin allergy issues with it.
  • Silk helps regulate body temperature by dispersing additional heat during warmer conditions and insulating body heat when it’s cold outside.
  • If you have sensitive or allergic skin, silk’s hypoallergenic quality will be comfortable.
Types of men’s silk underwear

Men’s silk underwear is available in different styles and forms, just like cotton underwear.

  • Briefs: This traditional Y-front design offers a neat fit and solid support. If you have large thighs, you will appreciate silk briefs.
  • Boxer shorts: These offer maximum coverage, breathability, and comfort. Also, since the material used is silk, the underwear will not bunch or ride up like cotton boxer shorts when worn beneath slim trousers.
  • Trunks: These provide the simplest silhouette and suit slim-fit trousers the best. They perfectly sit on your hips.
  • Boxer briefs: As the name suggests, this is a hybrid between trunks and traditional boxer shorts. Slightly longer at the leg, these sit on your waist.
  • Athletic: This specialized silk underwear type helps keeps your manhood in place and are fairly breathable to cope with clammy gym sessions.
How should you properly wash men’s silk underwear?

Unlike washing underwear made of other fabrics, you must know how to wash silk to keep its integrity intact.

  • Since silk is quite delicate, always try washing your silk underwear by hand.
  • Stains, if any, come off silk underwear quite easily. You just need some cold water and a slightly wet soap bar or detergent (mild and residue-free) to gently dab it on the spot.
  • If you have multiple silk underwear items in different colours, ensure you don’t wash them all at the same time, particularly if there’s a mix of dark and light colours. Colours may transfer when you soak them together.
  • If you are going to put your silk underwear in a washing machine, make sure the washing machine is set to ‘gentle’.
Things to consider when buying men’s silk underwear boxers

Choosing silk underwear boxers shouldn’t be a problem if you know what you need.

  • Ensure the boxers are breathable and do not constrict.
  • Make sure the elastic waistband is the right height or length so that it doesn't awkwardly peep from under your trousers.
  • Though silk doesn’t have the tendency to bunch up, it’s still recommended you go for silk boxers that are shorter than regular boxers, for comfort.