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Silver Ancient Coins

Silver ancient coins, including Roman and Greek coins, are an interest to many, and while some collect for the history these coins hold, others hope for a return on investment. When shopping for collectable money like silver ancient coins, be sure to factor condition and type into your decision.

How Do I Determine Coin Condition?

The condition of an ancient silver coin can greatly affect its value, so avoid coins that feature contact marks, hairlines or other signs of deterioration, as these deformities greatly decrease a coin's value. Likewise, uncirculated coins are typically higher in value than once-circulated coins or those that were used as currency. This is because circulated silver coins, such as ancient Roman silver coins like the Denarius, often exhibit signs of wear.

Which Coins Are Most Valuable?

Rare coins tend to fetch a higher value than those that are readily available, due to their high demand. Despite their age, rare coins are typically more expensive than older, more historic coins are. Perhaps the rarest of all coins are machine coins that contain an error or some type of production defect.

What Are Silver Proof Coins?

Many ancient coins feature a specially treated and polished die, and this is due to the way they were struck. Classified as proofs, these coins have a better contract appearance and a shinier background.