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Silver Antique Forks

Antique silverware is a great accessory to own either as a collector's item or to use for yourself at home, and silver forks are a particularly popular choice. Whether you purchase them as part of a knife and fork set or as a standalone item, there are some stunning sterling silver antique forks available with the charm and style of times gone by. These collectable utensils include everything from dessert forks, dinner forks, those with decorative handles, and some in mint condition, so there's something to suit every collector. With forks available from periods of 100 years ago or more, they are popular among collectors of silver cutlery and utensils.

What Types of Forks Are There?

There are many different styles of forks out there for different cuisines and settings, but when looking at silver antique forks you can usually find them in these categories.

  • Dessert forks: This smaller style of fork was for eating desserts like fruit salads.
  • Salad forks: A salad fork is one that comes with three prongs.
  • Dinner forks: Also known as a table fork, these are the most common variety for main meals and come with four prongs.
  • Serving forks: This style of fork was solely for serving food, such as a pickle fork.
  • Fork sets: These are sets of matching forks, usually in a set of six.
  • Dining sets: A complete antique silverware dining set featuring spoons, forks, and knives, sometimes in their original box or packaging.

What Features Does A Silver Antique Fork Have?

There are many different styles of silver cutlery and from various eras, so they can be quite unique in their design. Here are some features you can expect to find on a silver antique fork:

  • Materials: Some come with material separate to the silver, usually only appearing on the handle, including bone, faux bone, mother of pearl, wood, and various stones.
  • Decorative handles: There are forks with unique handles including intricately carved shapes, markings, and designs.
  • Condition: Silver antique forms can come in mint condition through to damaged pieces, all varying in price.
  • Branded: Some forks come from leading manufacturers of utensils like Grosvenor and W.R. Humphreys and Co, whereas others are unbranded but sometimes marked with other descriptors.
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