Silver Australian Decimal Coins

Coins are tangible parts of Australian history; Australian Decimal Coins are real, physical mementos to be treasured and passed down to loved ones. With a simply vast collection of circulated coins, proof coins and collector’s items, find an Australian Decimal Coin that is truly valuable to you or will be a meaningful gift to a loved one.


Every coin produced is a piece of history, recognising a point in our nation’s past. A decimal coin is a physical reminder of an event that has been and gone, forgotten all too easily. With an enormous range available for collection, choose a coin that resonates with you to serve as a reminder. From the $1 ‘50 Years of Australian Television’ to the ‘Lest We Forget’ ANZAC coin, there are countless causes and important historical events to recognise and remember. Coins are available that were created as early as the 1960’s right through to today, all of which reflect defining moments in Australian history.

Collector’s Items

For the avid coin collector, nothing can replace a genuine item. The Australia/Oceania Silver Decimal Coin collection features a vast array of pieces made by the Royal Australian Mint; real items of currency that have circulated throughout the nation. Whether you are looking for a circulated piece or a preserved collector’s item, it can be found here. Choose a coin that has never been in circulation; a truly unique piece that will be an integral feature of your collection.

Proof Coins

Proof coins are a longstanding tradition within the coin industry. Explore this vast collection of unique and rare decimal coins. There are proof coins of all varieties for your choice. Perhaps give a selectively plated 2004 AFL Coin to a Aussie Rules fan, or a 2017 ‘Year of the Rooster’ 1oz Silver Proof Coin to celebrate a significant other’s lunar year of birth.