Silver Coins

All that glitters is not gold, and that may be true, as it may be silver instead. Silver coins are good assets to own, either for a collection, for decoration, or even just as an investment for the future. These coins are available in a wide variety of designs, ages, and purity levels, so there is much for you to choose from.

By Country

Different countries have different versions of silver coins, and the government-backed silver bullion coins are the most popular. Some examples of these are the silver American eagles, Canadian maple leaves, Morgan silver dollars, Mexican libertads, as well as the Australian kangoroo silver bullion coins. Government mint coins are often more trusted than the rounds made by private mints.

By Era

If historical value is the thing most important to you in silver coins, you will be happy to know that you can purchase silver coins from various eras. Ranging from the 1800's to recent years, these silver coins not only allow you to invest in silver, but also collect pieces that may have increased value due to their history. Do remember to carefully study the characteristics of the coins of different era before investing though, so that you can rest easy knowing what you are buying came from the right era.

By Type

Silver coins are generally split into a few different types, namely silver bullion, rounds, numismatic coins, semi-numismatic coins, and junksilver. Those looking into investing in silver generally opt for the first two, which are more pure and are valued mainly through the amount of silver in them. Numismatic coins and semi-numismatic coins, however, are better suited for collectors, as they are valued not just based on the silver content, but also the condition, demand, as well as rarity. Junksilver includes coins that have previously circulated in the United States before the year 1964, and they contain about 90 per cent silver. These can be bought for both investment and collectible reasons, but do be mindful of the silver content is generally lower than all the other types mentioned.