Silver Fashion Rings

Silver Fashion Rings

Fashion jewellery has been trending for decades. It is fun to wear, and the variety of styles, colours and design make it easy to find the perfect piece for any occasion. Sterling silver rings are of durable quality and available for both men and women. Silver statement rings are often worn as an accessory to an outfit, expression of relationship status or your personality.

What Types of Sterling Silver Rings are Available?

There are a variety of silver rings to choose from. Selected style depends on your personality and style preference. Silver solitaire rings are a popular option for engagement rings. Couples also choose this option to replace a lost wedding ring or as an anniversary ring. Bold designs and handmade selections give silver statement rings a traditional look. Available in almost every size and stone selection, sterling silver rings are available in almost any design. Here are a few ways to find the type that best fits your needs:

  • Stone: Choose based on stone type preference. Available in a variety of stones including moonstone, diamond, cubic zirconia and more
  • Colour: Select your silver solitaire rings by metal purity available in 14k,10k or 18k

How to Wear Fashion Rings?

Fashion rings come in so many fun shapes, sizes and colours. They can be worn in many ways to match a certain mood or wardrobe style. Simple, edgy or classy attire is easily accessorized with the right silver cocktail ring. Stack a set of mixed or matching rings for an edgy style or wear a single piece for an elegant evening out. Here are a few tips for wearing sterling silver rings.

  • Stackable silver rings: Choose three or four favourites and stack them in any order. There is no unique formula for stacking sterling rings. Make it comfortable and fun to wear.
  • Match the occasion: Keep rings simple for interviews, business lunches or executive meetings. Sterling solitaire rings are less busy and are designed to accessorize most business or executive wear. Colleagues or potential employers pay close attention to personal style and choice of dress during meetings and interviews.
  • Comfortable fit: Some silver cocktail rings, silver statement rings or silver signet rings may have adjustable bands. Choose a size that fits comfortably on the finger if the band is not adjustable. A loose fit could slip off easily. Rings that feel good when worn will usually last longer without the need to replace due to being loss or misplaced.

How Long Do Sterling Silver Rings Last?

Sterling silver is a traditional ring style that can last many years. Quality and manufacturing are key factors in the longevity of the rings. Silver solitaire rings or silver statement rings which can be used for engagements, weddings, installations and other occasions will vary in quality. There are a few indicators that reflect the level of quality of silver jewellery. Some people wear their rings occasionally, while others choose everyday wear. Select a quality of sterling silver that is designed to accommodate the preferred intensity of use. Some rings will include a mark that is uniquely associated with the type of quality it carries. The following stamps appear on some sterling silver rings to indicate quality:

  • Sterling
  • Sterling silver
  • Ster.
  • .925
  • .950(fine silver)
  • .999(fine silver)

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