Silver UK Coins

Silver UK Coins

Silver coins from the UK have been a preferred choice for collectors for decades, not only because they can bring in a profit, but also because they can be the basis of a collection you can pass onto the next generation. From 1-ounce silver Britannia coins to the Landmarks of Britain collection, there are so many silver coins from Britain that you can add to your collection. Before adding to your collection, you should, however, know how the silver bullion varies in content and purity, while also taking into account the premiums for silver coins.

What should I know about content and purity for silver coins?

Most of the silver UK coins available on the market are mined with the precious metal investor in mind, which means they contain almost completely pure silver. For example, the Isle of Man Angel coin has 999.9 pure silver content, whereas the 2018 Britannia One Ounce silver coin has a content of 999.0 pure silver. Because of their almost pure silver content, it is easy to calculate the worth of these coins.

Should I consider limited editions of UK silver coins?

Most of the coins manufactured by The Royal Mint come in editions of up to 100,000 pieces, but limited mintage is available for some of them. Limited mintage often increases the value of the coin when you purchase it as a collectable and not only for its silver worth. Some types of coins, such as the Queens Beast series of coins, are limited edition and only issue on a one-by-one basis.

What about vintage silver bars and coins?

Collectors of British silver bars and coins may add to their collection with pre 1920 sterling silver coins or opt for post-war as well. In many cases, you can purchase compete lots of such coins, but more valuable ones are also available on an individual basis. When buying vintage and rare British coins, its essential to look at the condition of the coins carefully, as this has a significant impact on their value and the possibility to sell them at a later date.