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Single Quilt and Coverlet Bedspreads

A cozy bedspread not only allows you to stay warm during winter, but it also functions as a decorative element on your bed. Bedspread is the general name that incorporates different types of covers, such as comforters, doona covers, quilts, and coverlets. All the above can be either thick or light and come from many different materials. You can use each quilt or coverlet alone, or layer them for decorative purposes.


Quilts are thick bedspreads, as they typically consist of three layers: a woven back, layer of batting, and woven cloth top. The stitching that connects all these layers is often decorative and plays a part in your interior decor. Quilts make use of many traditional patterns, thus coming in various styles. Quilts are also often the typical gifts to give when a baby is born or someone graduates and leaves the home.


Coverlets are a lightweight and non-reversible bedspread, meaning that you can only use only one side of them. These are mainly decorative layers that you can use on top of other bedspreads. Some also feature a thin layer of batting, allowing you to use them as stand-alone bed covers. You can also throw coverlets over sofas.


Quilts and bedspreads can be from various materials. To add an extra layer of warmth during winter, look for a wool bedspread. More luxurious covers are from silk or satin, while 100 percent cotton quilts and coverlets are more common, using a great fabric that is also anti-static. You may also find polyester coverlets and quilts, as well as some other synthetic materials.


The style you choose depends on the overall interior decor that you use for the bedroom or guestroom, for which you need the bedspread. For children, you can use fun spreads with their favourite cartoon characters. Romantic bedrooms look good with country style or floral quilt or coverlet bedspread, while you can opt for oriental or art deco style as well if you feel more like experimenting. If you choose a reversible bedspread, you can alternate the sides and enjoy different style depending on your current mood.

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