Single Size Quilt Covers

How to Choose a Great Doona Cover

Whether its a change in the season or you simply want to change up to your style, a doona cover is an important purchase. The right choice can bring the room together, while the wrong one can be itchy and uncomfortable. With that in mind, how do you ensure you choose the right one?

Opting for the Right Size

This really goes without saying. You need to choose the right size doona cover for the doona you have at home. So, anyone with king single size beds at home would need king single size doona covers. Similarly, anyone with a king size bed would need king bedding and sheets that included a king size doona cover. Its not rocket science.

Matching your Doona to your Décor

So, say you have a king single bed and are looking for a king single doona cover, its time to think about design. If you want your king single quilt cover to look amazing, you will need to match it to the rest of your room design. Theres no point buying a stunning doona cover if it clashes with the rest of your room. The first step is to consider whether you want to redecorate your room completely, or just pick up a new doona cover to spruce up your style.

If you are redecorating your room, this gives you a whole lot more freedom. You can pick out any doona cover that catches your eye and then style your room around it. Otherwise, you will have to take note of your current colour scheme and find an option that will either match or contrast with it. Why not get creative and experiment? If you want to do this, try to picture how things will look in your head before you buy.

Choosing the Right Material

Cotton is one of the most common choices for king single doona covers. This is because it works well in both cold and hot weather. One of the most popular choices is Egyptian cotton, as it has thinner, softer and lighter fibres, but can be more expensive. Sheets also come in a range of thread counts, with higher counts tending to be the softest. These are also more expensive, so consider your budget carefully when choosing which thread count is best for your king single quilt cover.

Time to compare the options! Head to eBay to find and compare bedding essentials from all the biggest brands. Choose from a huge range of styles, sizes, colours and designs to find the perfect option for your bedroom.