Single Unit Stage Lighting

Single Unit Stage Lighting

When it comes to stage lighting effects, there are many ways to add the magic of illumination to any event, party, or special occasion. Stage lighting comes in many types and designs to make it easy for you to keep the party pumping all night long, whether its a single spotlight or a spectacular strobe effect.

Its Under Control

There are a few ways to control your single unit stage lighting. DMX single unit stage lighting is a common type of lighting system. DMX is the name of the system used to control a lighting panel as well as different effects, such as colour-changing lights or strobes. Its an analogue way of controlling lighting that is programmable for easy use. Manual single unit stage lighting is controlled with switches by hand.

In the Spotlight

Choosing lighting isnt just about deciding between manual and DMX. Lighting options range from a single spotlight to strip fixtures, laser units, or a user-friendly light panel. A light-up mirror ball looks cool on a dance floor, and a wash light fixture uses moving LED lights to wash the stage in different colours, either one at a time or interchangeably.

Special Effects

Once you choose colour and type, decide which effects stand out to you. Different types of lighting produce a variety of effects, such as patterns on the dance floor and walls, a flashing strobe sensation, a sleek beam of light, or dancing flames. Consider shifting flowers of light mingling together in a variety of colours, or opt for the traditional laser light style of effects for a futuristic feel.


Single unit lighting fixtures move in different ways. Automatic pan and tilt lights move on their own, while manual pan and tilts require hands-on control. Static lights never move at all, so they stay in the same place, but for more variety and an exciting, visually appealing look, consider pan and tilt lights for more effects options.