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Siren Shoes are the hottest footwear label for every fashion-forward and free-thinking Australian girls!

Inject your outfit with instant glamour with a pair of Siren shoes. Fashion-forward and free-thinking, Siren Shoes make no apology for their bold take on the fashion of today, with their unique and glamorous footwear that's always ahead of the curve. Siren are always are passionate about their exciting and aspirational creations, while remaining steadfastly committed to great value and the highest of quality.

Designed by their dynamic and young team based in Melbourne, Siren Shoes continually search for inspiration from the catwalks around the globe for the most fashion forward footwear you can wear right on your streets. They design, create, perfect, and deliver their own unique interpretation of what simply gorgeous shoes should be and put them on the shelves for you every time.

Siren makes no apologies for its bold approach to fashion. Born and raised in Melbourne Australia almost 20 years ago in 2001, Siren continues to lead the pack with their range of footwear. Designed by their dynamic and style-conscious team of trendy young creatives, Siren Shoes are inspired by streetstyle trends just as much as international runways of high-end fashion.

So, who exactly wears shoes by Siren? Undoubtedly, any girl who loves fashion I going to love Siren Shoes. Girls who wear Siren girl are empowered, confident, and forever on trend. The life she leads is aspirational, which is why she has a most covetable shoe collection as well. They understand her wish to find the next big thing in fashion before anyone else, so her shoes are always in-the-moment and exciting, but always retaining the highest quality.

Siren Shoes Range

Known for their sky-high heels and distinctive boots, their range of feminine footwear is filled to the brim with shoes that are always ready to make a statement. Girls love the quality, comfort, and style that's forever evolving. Siren always have shoes suitable for every event and special occasion, so you can have that extra kick in your step with something from their range of boots, sandals, and high heels!


Whether you want some footwear that can tone down that ultra-formal look, or you'd like to add a little sophistication to an outfit that's more casual, a pair of smart flats by Siren may be the perfect choice. They provide a seriously wide range of flats and low-heeled shoes in a variety of diverse styles.

Siren have summer flats that feature animal prints, heavy metal detailing, and mirror metallics. Their soft leather ballet flats have been crafted using leathers of kid suede and supple calf, with a flexible outsole made from rubber for longevity and comfort. From their understated Ava style, to the formal shapes of their Delight range, finding what you need is never an issue with Siren.


A must-have addition to any Australian woman's wardrobe, wedges have that charming, summer style that looks equally at home during cooler days of the year. Wedge shoes will forever represent a classic and versatile option for your feet that can match a range of outfits.

For some additional elegance and class, simply look for a wedge shoe with a higher heel. For example, transitioning from a stroll in the park or a lovely summer picnic to dinner for two at a nice bistro or restaurant is forever simple with a reliable pair of wedge shoes at hand.

Despite being higher than other sandals or flats, wedges are still a joy to wear as they retain both stability as well as comfort. Featuring soft calf leather uppers and hand-crafted wooden wedge heels, Siren Shoes have the hottest pairs of statement wedges this season.


Siren Shoes have hundreds of the hottest choices in heeled footwear that will suit any special occasion while also matching your style and sensibility. Wherever you want a new pair of heels, whether to stand tall in a crowd or you just want to show off your legs, Siren Shoes make heels that demand attention.

Siren have a wide range of heel sizes available to choose from, in looks inspired by the latest runway styles, and a diverse range of colours, so you are sure to find a pair of high heels that is going stop traffic just for you. Siren Shoes has so many options to suit every kind of taste.


The blissful comfort of a pair of sandals has never felt this stylish. The most essential of all footwear types, Sandals are perfect for casual lunch dates, sandy walks on the beach, or even a glam night with the girls out on the town. Siren Shoes has you more than covered with the hottest selection of sandals for every occasion.

Encompassing a massive variety of designs and styles, from stylish ankle straps to the more classic slides, the collection of Siren sandals for women ensure you can always pair them with everything else in your wardrobe.


Siren Shoes has a wide selection of boots which are available in all of the boldest designs and the latest of hot fashions, so that women can enjoy boots that provide both comfort and style.

The Ankle boots are available in different materials from eye-catching suede, to comfortably rich calf's leather, and shiny patent leather. You can dress Siren boots both up and down, so they're perfect for days at work as well as weekends at play!

Siren boots come in a range of different colours, from classic basics of tan, grey, and black, to the brightest and most eye-popping shades of cherry red. If you are always inspired by the latest in fashion trends, you can put an exclamation point on top of your ensemble with a pair of boots from Siren Shoes. Whether you are picking up groceries, working in the office, having brunch with the girls, or heading out for a special night in town on date number 2.

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