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Sistema – your food storage, cookware & lunchbox needs sorting

It’s great to have a little organisation in your life, and the Sistema brand is your handy helper on that front. Made in New Zealand and named after the Italian word for ‘systems’, the Sistema range encompasses food storage, cookware and lunchbox items in an impressive variety of shapes and sizes.

All are phthalate and BPA-free, and have been designed in a space-saving modular fashion to allow you to get that pantry organised in no time. Dishwasher safe, airtight and leak-proof, the Sistema brand is popular for a reason, with products that offer you the perfect combination of function and form. What’s even better is that you can find them all here on eBay.

Helping you get that pantry stacked and sorted

When it comes to food storage, the Sistema brand excels. Each range comes in an extensive assortment of shapes and sizes, so you can opt for round, rectangular or square containers. These are ideal for any manner of food items including cereal, pasta and flour, not to mention all those half-opened boxes of nuts, snacks and lollies!

There are also a few purpose-built storage containers for those square pegs that won’t quite fit into a round hole. Think a lettuce crisper or covered juice jug, plus a big selection of bakery and cake boxes to keep all those yummy homemade treats fresh.

Capacity-wise, the food storage containers can take the smallest of items in their tiny 200ml size, but can fit items that are much bigger, with the largest box holding up to 10 litres. If you’re not quite sure what size you need, you can purchase a Sistema bulk pack, featuring assorted sizes that all stack together nicely, keeping everything trim and tidy.

You can opt for the traditional Klip-it range, featuring clear plastic housing with blue seals, or you can go for a slightly more modern look with the Ultra range with clear housing and black airtight seals. If you’d like a pop of colour, the Fresh series comes with a lime-green trim, while the Bake IT line with white etching suits those with a neutral colour palette.

Lunch on the go

Another mainstay of the Sistema brand is their massive range of lunchboxes. There’s the traditional two sectioned variety that comes in a selection of eye-catching colours, or bento boxes and multi-tiered versions to help you keep food items separate.

If you prefer a fresh lunch option, try the Sistema salad box with a dressing pot and cutlery set, that allows you to keep all items away from one another until you’re ready to mix them. No more soggy salad!

Ensure the kids are always school ready with the Sistema range of drink bottles in both BPA-free plastic and walled stainless steel versions. Choose whatever size suits best, from the tiniest Dinkee trainer at 250mls, right up to a 1-litre option to keep them hydrated all day long.

Some other great Sistema lunch options include soup mugs and smoothie shakers, along with add-on accessories like snack or yoghurt pots to keep you going all through the day.

Dinner in a flash

Getting dinner on the table to feed your hungry hoards can be tricky, especially when you’re time-poor. The Sistema microwave cookware series has got you covered there with items such as a rice cooker, noodle bowl and egg poacher, as well as a range of different sized steamers.