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Sit-on Kayaks

Sit-On Kayaks

A sit-on kayak, also known as a sit-on-top kayak or SOT, has a range of uses that make it an appealing choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. Sit-on kayaks come with a range of options and features, which makes it easier to choose a specific style for any outdoor water adventure.

Sizing Up a Sit-On Kayak

To determine which type of sit-on kayak is right, users should consider how they plan on using it. For those who plan on doing an extensive amount of paddling on ponds, lakes or calm rivers, a sit-on kayak that is of medium width and length is a good option. Long or narrow kayaks are a bit more difficult to turn, but are typically faster than smaller versions. Long kayaks also offer more stability than narrow kayaks, which can make a difference if paddling in fast-moving bodies of water.

Types of Sit-On Kayaks

Solo and tandem kayaks are the two main types of kayaks on the market. Both kayaks have seat indentations on the top for comfort and added stability for the riders. Solo sit-on kayaks are perfect for those who like to take recreational water adventures alone, while tandem kayaks are great for sharing water rides with a partner. One person can paddle a tandem kayak; however, steering and paddling may be more difficult due to not having a middle position in the boat.

Transporting Sit-On Kayaks

Inflatable sit-on kayaks take up a smaller amount of room compared to non-inflatable styles, which can make them an attractive choice for those with limited cargo room. Inflatable kayaks are also lightweight compared to many other styles, so they are easier for one person to transport to the water alone. Those who do not have cargo room may want to consider adding a kayak storage rack to their vehicles to make transportation possible.

Sit-On Kayak Features

Sit-on fishing kayaks may include rod holders or give users the ability to add this type of accessory. Sit-on kayaks can offer some storage space on top for essentials, and may also include extra storage inside the hull area. Sit-on kayaks usually also include scupper holes that are self-draining so water does not collect under the seat of the rider. There are stoppers available for plugging scupper holes for kayakers who do not want to feel water that splashes up from underneath the hull.

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