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Ring Sizers

Whether you make or sell jewellery, there are certain jewellery tools necessary for crafting rings in a variety of sizes. Ring sizers let you measure rings using one of two designs, and gives you an accurate representation of the ring's actual size, including half sizes.

Get Converted

When it comes to ring sizers and stretchers, you may not always be dealing with the Australian market. Consider ring sizers that work for both US and UK sizes, or comes with a conversion table that can convert AU sizes to US. If you make jewellery for a wide market, it's good to have a range of international sizes available for added versatility. This creates a more open market and a good selling point for your rings or other jewellery pieces.

In the Sticks

Some jewellery making tool sets may come with a measuring stick, also called a mandrel. This long, tapered stick features ring measurements marked along its width in increments, so you simply slip an already-made ring over the opening to measure its size. These come in different varieties, including metal options wood, or plastic. Create distinctions between ring sizes using this handy gauge to discover size differences.

Get in the Ring

Small plastic or metal circles easily slip onto fingers to discover a woman or man's ring size in order to create a custom fit. Keep the loops organised and accessible by storing them on a larger ring that closes to keep the rings secure. Called a ring sizer or kit, these sizers are the simplest way to gauge a person's ring size in seconds, and accommodate multiple whole sizes as well as half sizes.

Hammer It Out

When you go to purchase a sizing set you may notice that some sets come with a jewellery hammer. What do you use the hammer for? A jewellery hammer works well for hardening and flattening metal pieces, so hammers are useful tools when it comes to creating jewellery.