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Named after the coastal town that inspired it, Skagen was founded in 1989. It wasn’t just the name that inspired the brand, though, it was the minimalist mindset and warm spirit of Skagen that breathed life into the brand. Skagen creates a range of leather goods, jewellery, watches, and wearables. The guiding principle that drives the brand is that good designs make for a better living. Simplicity is the key and Skagen aims to capture the essentials in a way that looks great but remains uncomplicated.

Skagen is as passionate about design as they are about their customers. They aim to create a streamlined, clean, and uncluttered aesthetic. Rather than viewing their choice to edit as opposed to embellishing as a subtraction, they very much recognise it as an addition. Their products look amazing no matter what time of day it is, no matter the year or the location. There is beauty and versatility found in simplicity. There’s more to design than aesthetics. Function and form needn’t be mutually exclusive. 

Skagen Wristwatches

Skagen doesn’t just make watches for men and women, they make a wide range of unisex watches so that you can find the style that truly reflects your personality. Like clothing, a wristwatch is an extension of your personality. It’s a way for you to subtly send a message about what kind of person you are. While everyone jumps on the wearable technology bandwagon, the traditional watch is being left behind. Yet, like footwear, a watch is often the first thing a person notices about you. What does your watch say about you? 

A Skagen watch communicates that you’re a no-nonsense, straight to the point kind of person. The style you choose will complete the picture. The good news is if you enjoy wearable technology you can opt for a Skagen digital watch or go all the way with a smartwatch. A Skagen smartwatch is different from most, they look just like any other traditional watch. They’re hiding their smart secret. They’re subtle, stylish, and fashionable. 

For traditional men’s watches, there are titanium, stainless steel, and leather watches. Any of these materials can serve as a dress watch. If you put on a shirt and tie, you should be strapping on a wristwatch that mirrors the formality of your outfit. Skagen watches offer this level of class. Many of the leather Skagen watches can serve your daily needs as well as pair well with suits. With the titanium and stainless steel Skagen watches, you are going to elevate every outfit that you wear. A nice watch is going to make your chinos and t-shirt look dressier than it is. 

For traditional women’s watches, you can shop casual, formal or luxury watches. When you’re attending a formal event, you don’t want to wear your daily watch. The watch you wear to work or to the pub isn’t the watch you should wear to a cocktail party. While a lot of people are happy to wear the same watch all the time, it’s important to recognize it’s power as a statement accessory. Every woman needs a luxury or formal watch to wear with a dress, suit or other formal combination. 

A watch isn’t just a portable timepiece, it’s fashion. It allows you to keep track of time wherever you are. In many cases, it’s an expression of social status. They’re functional, convenient, help increase your productivity (you aren’t tempted to check emails and messages when you glance at your watch for the time like you would with a smartphone). 

Finally, a Skagen watch is an investment. You don’t just wear it once, you can replace all of the relevant parts, and if you treat it well it will serve you for years to come. Of course, many luxury watches also increase in value over time.

Skagen Watch Bands

You might have a watch face that you adore, but feel as though the watch band isn’t quite up to the task. With Skagen watch bands, you can level up your watch face to a more formal look with a more formal band. Likewise, you can find leather straps to dial your watch down in the style stakes. They’re easy enough to switch out so your everyday watch can easily level up to serve you during formal events and vice versa. 

You don’t have to stick with one style of watch just because you made an initial watch purchase. With Skagen watch bands you can mix things up and ensure your watch is suitable for a range of occasions. 

Skagen Watches, Parts & Accessories

It isn’t just watch bands that you can find in the Skagen accessory sections. In addition to watch bands, you can find the tools you need to swap bands out, as well as single links, glass, and displays. So, if you have repairs to make, you easily trade out like for like. Or, you can opt for something different and upgrade your watch to create a unique piece. 

Additionally, Skagen produces accessories such as cufflinks. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or for other Skagen lovers. 

Skagen Pocket Watches

Have you ever attended an event and spotted someone in a fancy suit with a slick pocket watch? There’s something cool about this classic look. It’s just as convenient as a wristwatch, with the added benefit of adding to your style. It’s ideal for formal situations, but also for more casual affairs where a waistcoat is more appropriate than a suit jacket or blazer. There are a wide variety of pocket watch styles, but there’s something about the modern classic style of an ultra-slim, locket style pocket watch. 

If you want to join the Skagen family, you can do so by shopping the full range on eBay. If you’re looking for a wristwatch, then there are plenty of incredible options to choose from. Of course, there are also watch bands, parts, and accessories to choose from if you already have a Skagen watch, but want to upgrade some of the components.