Skate Shoes

Not just for skateboarding anymore, skate shoes are made for men, women and youth in a variety of different designs, colours and types. Although they’re still the go-to for skating adventures, you can also wear skate shoes for other reasons such as for walking, a trip to the park or for simple casual wear. There are many different brand options and types of skate shoes available so picking one that fits your style is a cinch. Skate shoes are more than just for sport; they’re part of the lifestyle.

Mens’ Options

There are many options for men when it comes to skate shoes. You’re sure to recognise the familiar black and white designs such as a stripe or star on low-heeled skate shoes and many men’s modern styles still mimic the original look. Other popular colour choices for men include brown or beige with a suede-like finish or grey and yellow. There are some other colour options for men available, should a more punchy look be desired.

Women’s Skate Shoes

Women’s styles are very similar to men and you’ll see a lot of the same black and white contrasted designs. Women’s styles offer a little bit more colour, as you may find kelly green or bright orange selections. Red and grey or red and black are also both popular colour combinations. Look for special skate shoes for wide or narrow feet for that perfect fit.

Skate Shoes for Kids

An important part of skating equipment, skate shoes are a must, especially for kids just starting out. Grips on the bottom promote better safety and kid’s shoes come in a variety of colours that children love. When it comes to children’s options, there are also light-up and LED skate shoes as well as skate shoes with bright reflectors. Having reflectors is also a good idea for those who skate after dusk.

Brand Choices

There are many brands available when it comes to skate shoes. Some of the more classic brands include Vans and Converse. Heelys skate shoes are also a popular option, especially when it comes to kids and teens. Other popular brands include DC, Diamond, Globe, Lakai, Nike and DVS, amongst others.