Skateboard Decks

The main component of a skateboard, skateboard decks are one of the most crucial skateboard parts. Decks are where skaters get to express their personality, as most boards offer graphic images or colours that make the board stand out. Pick from well-known brands that offer durability and quality, as well as the most stylish options available.

Powerful Powell-Peralta

On the skate scene since the late 70s, Powell-Peralta skateboard decks offer a variety of sizes for a custom fit. The brand prides itself on innovative construction as well as endless graphic designs to fit every preference. From skulls to Samurai warriors, the brand has it all. Opt for a reissue of a vintage deck or choose a new design and enjoy the lightweight feel of maple.

Sizzling Santa Cruz

In-your-face graphics along with dynamic designs make Santa Cruz skateboard decks a can't-miss brand. Made with solid maple, the decks feature eye-catching designs by renowned artists. Choose the width you desire from the variety of choices, and customise the board of your dreams with matching wheels and trucks.

Vintage Vision

A mainstay of skating in the 80s, visionaries like Tony Hawk were proponents of Vision Streetwear. With a retro look and feel, the brand doesn't compromise on quality, but provides a glimpse of yesterday's looks with fun, bold designs. Wax nostalgic by adding a Gator to your deck collection, or opt for the original Vision deck design with the optical illusion graphic. Either way, the perfect concave shape will take your ollies from street-worthy to award-winning.

Skip to Plan B

A newer brand that's been on the block since the early 90s, Plan B decks offer skaters sleek styles meant for all types of terrain. Slick, classy, and ageless, Plan B options also offer fun designs featuring cassette tapes, video game characters, and bold graphics. Combining the functionality of a well-made board with the designs of a pro, Plan B shouldn't be anyone's second choice.