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Got one to sell?

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Skateboarding T-Shirts

There was a time when skateboard brand clothing was the sole domain of skateboarding enthusiasts. Over the years, skateboarding fashion has become so mainstream and so sought after that new generations of buyinhg public continue to covet skate T-shirts and other skateboarding kit.

The Essence of Skateboarding Style

Skateboarding fashion typically runs to an oversized long sleeve tee, oversized jeans worn low on the hips, baggy shorts in warmer weather and the wearer's choice from the ever-growing range of skateboarding hoodies and skateboarding beanies. This now iconic ensemble evolved from essential skateboarding wear which gave skateboarders the freedom to move their bodies without being restricted by their clothing, to become credible fashion garb.

Choosing the Right Skateboarding T-Shirt

Skateboarding is a relatively accessible sport, with people of every size and shape able to participate. For this reason, skateboarding T-shirts are available in almost every size, with separate ranges for the babies and toddlers of skateboarding enthusiasts. Labels include Thrasher, Baker, Vans, Black Label and Nike. When it comes to colours, the most common colour combinations remain black, white, grey and sometimes olive green. Purpose-designed T-shirts come in several fabric blends, but when looking to purchase a T-shirt for skateboarding rather than solely for fashion,100 per cent cotton is the best choice. In warm, sticky weather, polyester and other man-made fibres are only going to make the situation worse, while cotton will keep the wearer feeling fresh.

Skateboarding Sweatshirts

While most skateboarders avoid wet weather – particularly because the bearings on a skateboard will quickly become damaged under wet conditions – cold condition don’t stop experienced or enthusiastic skateboarders from hitting the streets. While any sweatshirt or hoodie will keep the skateboarder warm when the temperature drops, a cotton acrylic blend sweatshirt is the best choice for skateboarding in cooler weather. Whatever the weather, a pure cotton round-neck T-shirt remains the base of the outfit and slogans and logos abound.

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