Skating Protective Gear

Skating is a fun sport that provides a great deal of exercise benefits. Whether you're a competitive skater or are simply headed out for a leisurely skate, skating protective gear is invaluable. This gear comes with various features that help to maximise skating performance while also protecting skaters from the risks associated with falls and crashes. Shopping for protective gear can sometimes seem overwhelming due to the vast array of items available, but it becomes easier after you narrow down your specific needs.

Do I Need Padded Shorts?

If you are part of a skating team, such as roller derby or ice hockey, padded shorts are a necessity to protect against groin, hip, thigh and tailbone injuries; however, if you are simply participating is recreational skating, you may be able to get away without wearing this protective gear. When shopping for padded shorts, look for those that are made from shock-resistant foam and moisture-absorbent material. You will also want to invest in a pair that feature an elastic waistband for optimal adjustability.

What Type of Padding Do I Need?

Knee, wrist and elbow pads protect your joints in the event of a fall, making them a crucial component of skating. Most skate pads come in standard sizes and are customisable to some degree thanks to adjustable straps and Velcro. The padding, while often bulky, should not impede your skating movement. Depending on the climate or on your level of skating intensity, you might consider investing in wrist, knee and elbow pads made from well-ventilated materials.

Is a Helmet Necessary?

Helmets protect against serious head injury while skating and are a necessary safety accessory. They tend to differ in features, colour and design and are available in a range of styles, depending on the type of skating you plan to do, such as roller skating or ice skating. Look for skate helmets that offer superior comfort and state-of-the-art features. You should also take helmet sizing into account, because whether you're searching for a youth, men's or women's helmet, a properly sized helmet is critical and should be individually fitted to the wearer's head.