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What to look for in a good pair of shoes

The average adult applies around half a million kilograms of force to their feet every day, so it is crucial that you are wearing the right footwear at all times. Otherwise, you may seriously injure yourself. If you are unsure about what to look for when it comes to a good pair of shoes, read the following tips:

Running shoes: The best type of running shoes are lightweight and have extra cushioning for the forefeet. They should also provide a natural-feeling support under the arch. Grooves and treads can also help to maintain traction, especially in wet conditions.

Walking or casual shoes: The right pair offers a happy harmony between comfort and style. Walking shoes should provide special shock absorption for the heels, and if a heel is present, it should be no higher than 2.5cm.

Keep in mind that everybodys foot expands towards the end of the day, so dont be alarmed if your new shoes feel looser in the morning. Above all, your shoe should match and support your natural stride, and not try to modify it.

Put your best foot forward in mens and ladies Skechers shoes. Made from lightweight material but still sturdy enough to hold your foot in place, Skechers shoes absorbs shock and keeps your foot aligned with the rest of your body. Shop online on eBay today for womens and mens athletic shoes at competitive prices.