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Ski and Snowboard Tuning Tools

When the weather starts to turn cold and snow begins to fall, there is one activity on many people's minds: hitting the slopes. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, the winter season is one of the only times of year that you can really take advantage of your ski or snowboard equipment. But in order to have your best season ever, you need to ensure that you are taking appropriate care of your skis and board. This is where tuning tools come into play.

Why Use Ski and Snowboard Tuning Tools

The main reason for using tuning tools is that skiing and snowboarding are intense activities that expose your equipment to some particularly harsh elements and terrain, from snow and ice to rocks and other obstacles. Scratches can begin to add wear to your equipment, while the edges of your skis or board can begin to wear as well, making them not nearly as sharp. And when your edges aren't sharp and your skis or board are worn down overall, the performance of your equipment can be seriously impacted.


Ski and snowboard wax is debatably one of the most important tuning tools to have on hand. It is typically used to seal up scratches, from small nicks to large gauges on your equipment, as the scratches can begin to add up and create a rougher ride. Wax also helps to give you a smoother ride on your skis or board, by creating a slick underside that can glide over all types of snow and ice. There are many different types of wax, so a little bit of research can be helpful. Wax irons can also be useful when applying wax to your skis or board.


Files are yet another vital tool to have in your repair toolkit to keep your equipment performing as well as possible. The edges of your board and skis play a major role in helping you nail sharp, smooth turns and sharp edges are necessary for this to happen, particularly in very icy conditions. You may also consider buying an entire tuning kit, which typically contain just about everything you need—from waxes to files—to get your tuning completed.

Other Ski and Snowboard Accessories

In addition to all of the tuning tools on the market, there are also a variety of other skiing and snowboarding accessories that will make your season even better. For example, handwarmers are nice to have for particularly cold days, while ski and snowboard bags are great for transporting equipment.

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