Ski Suits

Ski Suits

A step beyond having a snowsuit for colder weather, owning a proper ski suit is imperative before you hit the slopes. Whether you’re just a beginner starting out or an expert, a ski suit that’s windproof, waterproof, comfortable and warm is a must. Such as with all fashion, there are different styles and types made for men, women and youth made by well-known and trusted brands to help make your skiing venture an enjoyable one.

Men’s Suits

Men’s skiing and snowboarding clothing comes in array of different colours and styles. A popular pattern for men is camo or military styles, but there are also plain colours, such as red, black and grey. A men’s ski suit should come with both trouser and jacket. Some ski suits will feature a vest for underneath or a shirt but that inclusion is dependent on the brand. For the best in protection, look for a lined ski suit that’s also waterproof and helps block the wind.

Ski Suits for Women

Women’s ski suits are similar to mens’ in that they come with typically two pieces - the jacket and trousers. Popular women’s colours include pink and black, but you can easily find a ski suit in virtually any colour of the rainbow. Just like men’s suits, women should opt for a padded jacket, with breathable trousers that help block wind and snow.

Youth Ski Suits

Depending on the age of the child, there are three types of youth ski suits - suits for girls, suits for girls and unisex suits. As many youth skis are unisex before a certain age, so are the suits themselves. Instead of trousers, many children’s suits include overall trousers and a jacket. This way, the trousers are ensured to stay on while the child is on the sloes. Look for a hooded, padded jacket with a fully lined pair of overall trousers for the best protection.

Ski Accessories

A ski suit does not provide full protection, so when it comes to skiing and snowboarding equipment, you’ll need some accessories as well. Look for must-haves on the slopes to complement your suit, like a pair of sunglasses, skiing gloves and scarves. You may also want to consider a ski hat as well so that your body and face is fully covered. A ski mask is also a popular choice for coverage.