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Ski Tubes

Fun and enjoyable, ski tubes allow you to enjoy water sports to the fullest. Whether you’re floating by yourself in a biscuit tube, or are with several other people in a towable tube, ski tubes take water skiing to a new level. With many different types and varieties, there are many tubes to choose from, with options that range from tubes made for the amatuer to the seasoned watersport enthusiast.


If you want something that has a little more speed than your typical canoes, kayaks and watercrafts, a biscuit, or “donut” tube, is a great idea for both beginners and professinoals alike. These types of tubes are meant to fit your body perfectly, and are inflatable to keep you afloat in case of an emergency. They typically come equipped with handles, so you can hold on tightly while moving through the water. Because of their shape, these tubes are typically made for one person only.

Towable Tubes

A towable ski tube means that it includes special hardware so that it can be towed behind a boat or watercraft. While some donut or biscuit tubes are towable, many of the available towable tubes are shaped more like a short kayak, and may seat up to several people. Some are even able to fit an entire small family. Equipped with handles and straps for safety, these kinds of tubes can go lightning fast in the water.


Inflatable tubes are made for many different purposes. These tubes are typically designed for relaxation, seating eight to ten people comfortably for a peaceful day relaxing on the tube. Inflatables usually require the use of an air pump and often can’t be towed behind a boat, as they are more stationary.

Multi-person Tubes

A multi-person tube could be any of the tubes listed above, but they are specifically designed for two or more people. A two-person towable tube is great fun for a date day or for couples, while a multi-person inflatable tube may be stationary and relaxing, and a great way to enjoy a drink while floating on the water. There are also specially made biscuit tubes that seat more than one person, for intense water sports.