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Skiing & Snowboarding Bags

Skiing and Snowboarding Bags

Skiing and snowboarding bags are known to store only one of two things: a pair of skis or a snowboard. However, several types of snowboarding bags can carry more than those. Rather than keep your gear separate, you can use a ski or snowboard bag with additional features for better carrying capacity.

What Type of Snowboard and Skiing Bags Are Available?

Quite often, you may end up carrying two bags whenever you go to the slopes because you have to store your snowboard or ski gear in one bag and other items like your shoes in a separate boot bag. That is why there are options that can help you carry both or more, such as:

  • Snowboard Backpack: Not only can it store your snowboard, but it can also carry your boots, water bottles, a change of clothes and other items that can fit inside the smaller pockets.
  • Wheelie Padded Travel Ski Bag: This secures your skis, boots and other items, while allowing you to roll it over different terrain. The padding keeps your gear safe as well.
  • Padded Ski Bag with Boot Bag: The ski bag is slimmer, but the boot bag attaches to it so that you can carry it together.

What Else Should You Bring on a Ski or Snowboard Trip?

You may leave the house complete with your skis, snowboards, boots and bags, but there are a few things that you should remember to pack if you plan on hitting the slopes. Here are some examples:

  • Regular gloves and mittens
  • Ski gloves
  • Long underwear
  • Snow boots
  • Waterproof ski jackets
  • Waterproof snowboard jackets
  • Thermos for warm drinks

How Should I Pack My Ski or Snowboard Bag?

You may be tempted to jam all your gear in your bag, but it is important to store them properly to avoid damaging your skis or snowboards in transport. It also helps to pack them properly for easy removal and repacking. Here are some tips:

  • For snowboards, lay them flat inside the snowboarding bag. Place your boots in the middle if there are no compartments. Do not squeeze your boots near the ends of the snowboard.
  • For skis, lay them side by side inside the skiing bag. You may place other items over the skis, but do not put anything too heavy.
  • Use bindings when packing your snowboard or skis.
  • Squeeze any clothing in any open space. They can serve as padding as well.
  • Never place plastic containers with liquid that can easily be broken inside your snowboard or ski bag.
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