Skiing and Snowboarding Gloves

Having numb, cold fingers can very quickly ruin a great day in the snow, and your gloves or mittens need to be up to the job of preventing this from happening. Before purchasing skiing or snowboarding gloves, consider the waterproofing, breathability, comfort and quality of the product, in addition to, if not ahead of, the design features you would like them to have.

Choosing Between Mittens and Gloves

Gloves and mitts each have their fans. Mittens, with fewer seams, and hence the advantage of being more waterproof, are generally warmer. Gloves give your fingers a greater range of movement, which is helpful for tasks like manoeuvring ski poles or fastening boots. Your choice will basically come down to personal preference.Many manufacturers make glove and mitten options with the same design features to make it easier for you to have the features you want in the shape you prefer.

Wear and Tear

Snowboarding gloves will almost always wear out quicker than skiing gloves. Because a snowboarder is handling their board more often, gloves will most often not last more than a season or two. Gore-Tex is a lightweight fabric which provides a high standard of waterproofing. Your skiing and snowboarding clothing should always be the best possible quality, to give the longest possible amount of wear. Other brands include Hestra, Black Diamond, Burton and Superdry.

Seasonal Gloves

While snow mittens and gloves are great options for the cold winter days, in spring or on hot sunny days you are likely to quickly become uncomfortably warm with your thick hand coverings. Park gloves are thinner options, sometimes with added grip features like gel padding, which can be worn when it’s too hot for insulated gloves.

Other Optional Features

Gloves have a basic task to perform, and should keep your hands warm and dry. That being said, there are a lot of optional features that you may wish to factor in. You can choose your cuff length and closure type according to your preferences. Zippered pockets can hold hand warmers, in case the gloves aren’t enough on a very cold day. Wrist loops stop you from dropping your gloves; a nose wipe saves you finding tissues, and a squeegee can keep your goggles clear.