Skiing, Snowboarding & Snowshoeing Equipment

Snowboarding Items

From snowboards to boots, socks and clothing, the first-time snowboarded needs to think of a ton of things to buy to get his first snowboarding trip to a flying start. Australia has one of the most diverse climates in the world, with forests, deserts and importantly snowy mountains you can snowboard on. So grab your mates and a bag full of gear.

Essential Gear

Apart from a snowboard you need a bunch of other snowboarding equipment so you’re safe and warm in the snow. Get thin socks made of cotton or polypro to draw moisture away from your feet, then double up with thicker wool socks or other non-cotton socks to keep warm and supported. Then get long underwear or jogging bottoms and medium-thickness jumpers along with a good water-resistant snowboarding jacket and bottoms to stay dry even if you wipe out.

The Right Snowboard and Bindings

You can’t just grab the snowboard that catches your eye. Neophytes are best left using beginner-intermediate snowboards with emphasised curves at both ends as well as boards with a Flat to Rocker profile and a Hybrid Camber for east of turn initiation and stability underfoot. Boards with medium-to-soft flex are also good for starters because of their easy maneuverability. You do not need a stiff board when starting out since you won’t be going fast. But intermediate snowboarders will appreciate stiffer boards for their stability at high speeds. Ensure that your bindings are compatible with the hole patterns on your board so you are secure when you initiate turns.

Snowboarding Goggles

Other essential snowboarding accessories like goggles keep the glare out of your face, protect your eyes from the snow and prevents the blinding effects of cold winds at high speeds. Low-light goggles are like large pairs of shades that reduce incoming light and cover a good portion of your face to protect from debris that fly against it so you can focus more on snowboarding.